Design collective WNDR\KMR presents to you:


I used to be human

We are nomads

We travel the world, for our work, for pleasure or to get inspiration.

In future we will be neo-nomads.

The Neo-nomad will not only travel the physical world, but also the digital world.

Without leaving his house, the neo-nomad talks to friends, visits museums or travels to foreign places.

Images are digitally altered. Information is available 24/7. Sensors monitor our lives.

When surroundings become more digital, it’s necessary to stay connected with reality.

The neo-nomad will create a Wunderkammer, filled with his personal selection of objects and images.

The wunderkammer connects the neo-nomad to the physical world, to the past and to the future.

A collection of stories.

\  Dirk vander Kooij \  industrial designer, interior artist

Milan launch: RvR chair, custom-made for an interior project initiated by Niek Schoenmakers. One of Dirks most recent designs, available with or without armrests and his first stackable chair. A world-wide scoop!

\  Sanne Ree Barthels \  investigating and connecting designer

The necklace 'Social effect from defect’ a delicate object: by pushing the button, the necklace breaks. It investigate the social interaction between humans. How will you respond when it breaks?

\  Jolijn Pasmans \  materialist, texturistcurator WNDR\KMR

Material samples from the Soft Concrete en Balaena Collection. Inspirational materials for interior design, fashion and architecture. Touch it, feel it.

\  Niek Schoenmakers \ interiordesigner, collector curator WNDR\KMR

Interior design and small objects by Vintageplus. A collection of vintage and contemporary design. Interiors with re-use of existing items or custom-made items in collaboration with designers. Chairs rule the world.

The curators will be available for questions during the fair.

NEO-NOMADISM I used to be human

8-13 april

Ventura Lambrate

Via dei Canzi 19

Contact details:


\  Jolijn Pasmans: +31 6 413 585 41

\  Niek Schoenmakers: +31 6 220 071 86

\ \

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Dirk vander Kooij in collaboration with Niek Schoenmakers

\ RvR-chair

The most recent design by Dirk vander Kooij, designed in collaboration with Niek Schoenmakers for de Raad voor de Rechtspraak (Councel of Justice) in The Hague.

More information can be found here.