What is Future Vintage?

When people are talking about ‘Vintage’, they mean used chairs, tables, vases, lamps and other items, made during certain periode, mostly the period between ca. 1930 and 1985. All these items or of a high quality and are designed be a famous designer or made by a well-known producer. We all know the ‘Lounge chair’ by Charles and Ray Eames, the ’Pantella’ lamps by Verner Panton and the ‘Ant’ chairs by Arne Jacobsen.

These vintage items, because of their quality and rarity, are considered to be the antique of the future. But if what we now call vintage is the antique of the future, what will be the vintage of the future?

We of Vintageplus have found the answer of this question: Future Vintage. Future Vintage are items of high quality which are designed in the period of ca. 1990 till now.  They are too young to considered to be vintage already, but to old to be avant-garde design. These items have the potentional to be highly collectable in the future. For people who want to different and want to invest for the futute.

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