Dirk vander Kooij in collaboration with Niek Schoenmakers

\ RvR-chair

The RvR-chair is the result of the collaboration between Niek Schoenmakers and Dirk vander Kooij. Niek was asked to re-furbish the major part of the ground floor of the Raad voor de Rechtspraak, a high-end government building in the centre of The Hague.

The historical building is a former bank-office from the beginning of the 20th century and was renovated in 2005. The building reflect the outspoken vision of the architect, combining historical elements with a contemporary design and custom made art and furniture. With a concern for the smallest details, every part of the building has been renovated to a high level of quality.

This specific attitude towards the building was the reason to work together with Dirk vander Kooij. His Flow chair was chosen for the reading table as a welcoming gesture for the visitors of the building. For the restaurant area, a new chair was needed. According to the wished of the client, Dirk designed a chair based on his previous design Chubby, but taking the technique a step further. Seat, back and frame are all made in one piece, with fluent lines and beautiful connections. The chair is his first stackable design.

A true design classic of the future.

\ Facts

\  the RvR has two versions: with armrests or without.

\  made out of 99,9% reclycled plastic

\  solid construction, no breakable lose parts

\  stackable

\  ideal for use in private or commercial projects

\  every chair is unique, due to special way of producing

\ The designer

Dirk vander Kooij (1983) is a designer of interior art. His designs are unique objects on the edge of art and design. By using a robot they question the meaning technology  in the designpractice: hand-craft or machinemade? Every piece is unique and individual, no chair is the same.

His chairs have gained a lot of international interest. They can be found in the permanent collection of many museums, like the MOMA in New York, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and the Design Museum in London. Dirk’s work is awarded with several national and international awards.

\ Interested?

For more information, please contact Vintageplus \ Niek Schoenmakers:

\  +31 6 22007186

\  info@vintageplus.nl

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