Something about vintageplus

Who are we?

Vintageplus is a young website where you can purchase interesting items for a modern way of living.  Here you can find vintage chairs, decorative vases from the sixties and modern art, all combined in one webpage.

The founder of the site, Niek Schoenmakers, collected all the items shown on this site. He started his collection ca. five years ago by buying pieces of West-germany ceramics. Soon he started to collect all kinds of vintage things, from chairs to lamps. The last couple of years furniture has his main interest.

Over the years the collection grew rapidly and therefore he needed to make some space: was born.

Vintageplus is specialized in vintage items form different periods. But we don’t want to narrow our view. We are also looking forward and try to discover want can be vintage in the future. Therefore vintageplus offers not only vintage items, but also future vintage and items by young designers.

All the items on this site are for sale, but that’s not the only thing vintageplus can offer you. We can also design an interior for you, or find you that one specific item

If you’ve seen something interesting on this site, or have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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